National Lap Steel & Matching Amplifier

Vintage 1956 Fender Champ LAP STEEL Guitar Tweed Case
Vintage 1956 Fender Champ LAP STEEL Guitar Tweed Case
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 101042305185711130 National Lap Steel  & Matching Amplifier

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National Lap Steel & Matching Amplifier




National Lap Steel w/matching Amplifier

Circa 1950, give or take (serial numbers on these can be problematical), this vintage National brand icombo needs just a little TLC. The guitar's celluloid tuning buttons have shriveled over the years and need to be pulled off and new replacements then glued on to the little steel tuner pegs.


I've run the guitar through another amp and it sounds fine--the cord and pickup and control knobs function well.

No metal bar or pick or "case candy" come with it; sorry. Original Lifton brand case has handle wear but is still attractive and functional. No key for it, though....

The amp needs a tune up. The speaker wires are disconnected. I'm sure that some of the parts such as capacitors need to be replaced. The tubes are all there. I'd like to hear the amp, but cannot take it to an amp doc for a diagnosis and overhaul just now.  It might really sing out when overhauled. Might be cool for vintage blues harp, as well.... It's actually made by Valco Mfg. Co. of Chicago.

Call Jim at (1)(650) 771-3100 or email for more information.

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